Last updated:5th April 2018

Walk Your AS Off

Join us to Walk Your AS Off

Walk Your AS Off is a global initiative which takes place every May.

World AS Day is on Saturday 5 May and this initiative helps raise awareness and understanding of AS.

What is Walk Your AS Off?

The idea is that walking is great for your AS but it can be hard to motivate yourself to walk when you are in pain and feeling stiff. By joining a supportive online group of people who all have AS and know how difficult it can be, you can all motivate each other to walk every day.

The challenge lasts for the whole of May. We hope by the end of the month you will have developed a walking habit and a supportive community of online friends.

There's no pressure to walk miles, it's just as many steps as you feel comfortable with every day. 

How do I get involved?

There are two teams you can join in the UK. Just click on the links below which take you to the Facebook pages.

Orange Apples is run by Gillian Eames (@Gillianeames) and Jean Morton.

AS Buzzers is run by Kathy Miller and Gerry Dance (@GVDance)

Or you can find a team on the Walk Your AS Off website or even set up your own team.