Last updated:1st June 2018

Saturday Night Fever at the Freelands


It was party time last Saturday as the Freelands Tavern held a fantastic fundraiser for NASS!

The evening featured raffles, games, buffet and more as locals in Bromley, Kent, got together to raise awareness of NASS and AS. One keen fan bought over 100 raffle tickets! By the end of the night, customers and staff raised an incredible £750 - and counting! 

A big thank you to NASS Trustee Gillian Eames for organising the evening, despite being very poorly on the night.

We'd also like to thank all the staff at the Feeelands Tavern - Kariss, Gregory, Lisa, Greg, Lucy, Charlie and Maria - for helping make the night such a success. Thank you also to Nikki for donating prizes from M&S, and Gemma, Jane, Dave, Hannah and Jackie, who took over from selling raffle tickets so Gillian could get a rest. A big thanks also to Gillian's son Mark, who all helped out with setting up the night, especially with his mum being so unwell.

And of course, a special thank you to Rosie dog for helping customers to donate too! Thank you all again, and we look forward to the next celebrations!





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