Last updated:3rd October 2017

Where would you like to see NASS?

We've got funding to do a few more AS & You events in 2018 - where would you like them to be - take our poll to have your say.

We're 10 events into our AS & You schedule! So far they have been excellent events - everyone has learned so much about their condition or their partner's condition. 

The events are specially designed for people who have been diagnosed in the past 18 months plus their family or friends to come along, learn more about the condition, and get the answers they need.


6.00pm - 6.15pm    Arrival/registration with tea, coffee and snacks 

6.15pm - 6.20pm    Welcome & introduction

6.20pm  - 7.20pm    AS: all the facts 

7.20pm - 7.50pm     Exercise: all you need to know

7.50pm - 8.15pm    All about NASS

8.15pm - 9.30pm    Beer, wine, nibbles & chatting






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