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Last updated:21st December 2017

NASS funded review of research into diet and AS published

Diet and AS has always been an important issue

When NASS set up our Research Fund in 2015 we wanted to fund research into whether following a particular diet or changing your diet could have an influence on your AS symptoms.

Dr Tatiana Macfarlane from the University of Aberdeen proposed carrying out a full review of all the currently available evidence to investigate whether: 

  • People with AS report different diets to those without AS
  • When people have AS, diet is related to severity
  • People with particular diets are less likely to develop AS
  • Specific dietary interventions improve the symptoms of AS

The researchers conclude:

  1. Information on relationship between diet and AS is extremely limited
  2. Evidence on a possible relationship between AS and diet is inconclusive
  3. There is a need for large population-based epidemiological studies investigating the relationship between AS and diet

 Download and print the research paper




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