Last updated:28th November 2017

NASS branch network wins national award

NASS are delighted to be named as winners in the 2017 AbbVie Sustainable Healthcare Patients as Partner Awards.

The awards recognise those who have made an exceptional contribution to the lives of patients and contributed toward a more sustainable health service.

NASS were named as winners of the category  'Supporting individuals to take control of their care,' in recognition of the physiotherapy and hydrotherapy sessions NASS branches provide to people with AS across the UK. 

Lord Victor Adebowale, Category Judge, said:

“The submission from the team at NASS is compelling. The team are providing a vital service to people across the country with a clear focus on both the physical and mental health needs of those they provide support for. The scale and implementation of this project is impressive and I look forward to seeing the significant impact it has on people’s lives going forward.”

Dr Dale Webb, NASS CEO said:

“We're thrilled to be winners in the category of ‘Supporting individuals to take control of their care’ at the AbbVie Patient as Partner Awards. It's a wonderful way to recognise the brilliant work our volunteer-led branches provide at over 90 locations across the UK, helping on average 1,000 people a week to manage their AS more effectively. Our members tell us that attending their branch has a range of benefits, including reducing pain, increasing flexibility and helping to meet new friends. This wouldn't be possible without our branch volunteers and physiotherapists, so we're hugely grateful.”






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