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Last updated:3rd August 2018

Government's Inclusive Transport Strategy launched


The Government has launched a new strategy which is aimed at making travel easier for disabled people in England*.  The strategy is in response to a consultation in 2017 which NASS fed into.

The Inclusive Transport Strategy sets out five main themes:

  • Awareness and enforcement of passenger rights - raising awareness of the obligations on transport operators, the processes for raising concerns or complaints and working with regulators to hold operators to account.
  • Staff training - ensuring that transport staff (frontline and managerial) understand the needs of disabled people with physical, mental, cognitive or sensory impairments, and can provide better assistance.
  • Improving information - ensuring that transport operators provide travel information in formats that all passengers can easily access and understand, before and during a journey.
  • Improving physical infrastructure - ensuring that vehicles, stations and streetscapes are designed, built and operated so that they are easy to use for all.
  • The future of inclusive transport - ensuring that technological advances and new business models provide opportunities for all, and that disabled people are involved from the outset in their design.

The strategy will be rolled out over a 10-year period and it is hoped that it will help to allow more disabled people back into work.

*Transport is one of the areas which is devolved in the UK.





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