Last updated:12th July 2018

Aids and adaptations - know your rights

Arthritis Research UK launched a report in parliament on 11 July based on a survey of 1,000 people with musculoskeletal conditions such as AS. This report shows that over 50% of people who need aids and and adaptations purchased them themselves. 

What are aids and adaptations?

Aids are items which may help you with your day to day tasks such as dressing and cooking. For example basic items such shoehorns to help you get your shoes on, or a an electric tin opener if you have problems with your hands. It also includes larger items, such as dishwashers if you cannot stand for long or adjustable beds if you have difficulty getting in and out of bed, 

Adaptations are a bit more substantial and usually involve some sort of change to your home such as a stair lift, walk-in shower or bath handles.

Can I get aids and adaptations?

Anyone who has a physical or mental illness or disability is eligible. You must be unable to do two or more basic activities or tasks such as cooking, eating, washing, going to the toilet, dressing, cleaning, working or developing and maintaining relationships. As conditions like AS can fluctuate, how you cope over a period of time should be taken into account.

Who do I ask for aids and adaptations?

You can speak to a health care professional such as your GP or occupational therapist about any aids and adaptations that you feel you may need. They will then need to assess your abilities. If you qualify, your local authority has a legal duty to provide you with the equipment that you need under the Care Act 2014. 





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