Last updated:10th August 2016

Top tips for a successful branch


  1. Have a buddy system in place for new recruits; they are more likely to return if they are made to feel welcome.
  2. Get a rota of physiotherapists on board to make sure that they don't feel they are overcommitting.
  3. Strike up a relationship with the rheumatology department - they are vital to get referrals to the branch.
  4. Promote your branch however you can. You could put up posters, get an article in the press or hold an awareness evening.
  5. Fundraise for a healthy, more sustainable branch.
  6. Don't be afraid to try something new (with physio approval of course!) - variety is the spice of life and people are more likely to stay interested and keep coming back.
  7. Hold discussion evenings, social events or even a cup of tea after you have exercised; help members to feel connected and share experiences.
  8. Have a committee to run the branch - spreading the work makes it always a pleasure and never a chore.
  9. Exchange ideas and tips with each other.Think about visiting other branches to see what they are up to – contact NASS if you want us to facilitate this – it’s always great to share good practice.We run Branch Development Days every 3 years where branch members can meet but please do use the box below to tell each other what YOU think makes a successful branch.
  10. Encourage your members to become members of NASS.  This way your branch members will be better informed about what we’re up to on their behalf but importantly, will be able to  keep more up-to-date about new treatments and therapies for AS.  NASS can only continue to support our branches, providing insurance, negotiating with hospitals (and more) with the support of our members.

Finaly, please keep in touch - tell us what you are doing, we are interested to know how you are getting on; you don't only have to contact us if there is a problem. You can also invite along NASS to chat to you all about what we are up to - this is your charity and we want you to feel as such!

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