Last updated:28th February 2017

Branch finance & fundraising

Every year NASS is audited by external accountants and as such we need to make sure that all of our financial records are kept accurately, including branch income and expediture. As such, we ask our branch treasurers to complete a simple financial return every year.

 Download the Guide to Branch Financial Returns

Download an example Branch Return Form -  we will send one every year to your treasurer

 Download the Guide to Gift Aid

Keeping good records is one thing, keeping the finances healthy can sometimes be a little more difficult. Income can dip a little due to holidays, illness or other commitments that members have so it is a good idea to keep a bit of a cushion to cover this sort of thing. We have a simple fundraising guide and some template letters to help get you started. We can also assist you in applying for local funding, just drop us an email and we will source what we can for you and help with your application.

 Download our Guide to Branch Fundraising

 Download a funding template letter





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