Last updated:15th September 2017

NASS Members' Day Presentations 2017

NASS Members' Day 2017 was held at Bramall Lane in Sheffield and focussed on flares and research, as well as featuring the NASS AGM. Here are all the presentations from the day.

NASS in 2016 - Debbie Cook, NASS Chief Executive

Disease Flares: important to patients but what are researchers doing about it? - Dr Gareth Jones, University of Aberdeen

What to expect from your AS team - Dr Lisa Dunkley, Sheffiled Teaching Hospitals

First Aid Kit for Flares - Clare Clarke, Powys Teaching Health Board & Sue Gurden, Aneurin Bevan Health Board

In addition to this, Professor Paul Wordsworth has also provided a list of publications which have been a result of the genetic research he and his team have been doing at Oxford University. Professor Wordsworth spoke at Members' Day 2017 and audience members asked him to provide this list.




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