Last updated:3rd October 2017

Trio of heroes tackle Cardiff Half!

This Sunday, three super supporters take on the Cardiff Half Marathon for NASS!

Lucie Clarke is running in support of her boyfriend Jordan, who was diagnosed with AS aged just 18. After struggling initially, he is now managing his AS effectively through exercise and medication. Lucie says, 'I want to raise money and awareness for AS, so that more research can be done into the treatment and cure of it so that hopefully more lives can be improved just as fantastically and dramatically as it did to Jordan's.' Donate to Lucie's page

Rob Palmer is also running to support someone special - his Mum, who has lived with AS for many years. Rob says, 'The pain she endures, the discomfort and debilitating symptoms of the condition is heartbreaking to see. I  have seen her at her best and unfortunately at her worst, this invisible disease can allow a normal life one day and be crippling the next. Treatment can help and hinder, which is why the support of NASS is so important.' Donate to Rob's page

Joel Williams first noticed symptons when he was 16. Within months he was bed-bound, and after countless referrals, he finally received a diagnosis at 21.

Joel says, 'It was quite scary to know what it can do to you and I struggled at first but you learn just to live with it. I have days where I'm in severe  pain, really fatigued and it is pretty depressing at times, but I would just like to raise money for the charity to help people who suffer from the condition.' Donate to Joel's page




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