Last updated:9th May 2018

Thank you to Team NASS at the London Marathon!

The iconic London Marathon took place last weekend in searing conditions, and we're delighted to have had seven super runners supporting NASS!

James Turner (right) has run several London Marathon's over the last few years, and was excited to be supporting NASS again this year - at 74 years young! James is dedicated to raising awareness of AS as his daughter Brenda lives with the condition.

"Over the past year she has come to the point where for a day trip out, she will need a wheelchair to keep up the pace with her young family. As a parent I find this very hard to accept as I cannot fix it, when the girls were growing up if something broke most times I was able to fix it."

Jason Day (left) ran the Milton Keynes Marathon last year, raising over £1,300, and is delighted to have completed the big one to support his wife Annette. 

"It would simply be wrong of me not to try for us to collectively give something back to the community. So I will again be donning the trusty running shoes for NASS!"

Katherine Burr also took on her first London Marathon, and has a very special reason for running. 

"This is a lesser known charity that is very close to my heart, as my brother suffers from the condition. More research is desperately needed into what causes flare ups, side effects of medication and how to manage the condition."

Hayleigh Ward (right) ran in support of her boyfriend, Rory, who has AS. 

"Anyone who knows me well, knows that I hate running. But after getting caught up in the excitement of 2017 London Marathon, I applied for a ballot place and, well, here we are!"

Rob Copley chose NASS as one of five charities to benefit from his first London Marathon. 

"I have chosen to support this charity for those who live with the disease and yet never moan or complain, or let it stand in their way. I'm proud of you."

Steve Germaney is a NASS Member, and has lived with AS for over 10 years.

"Every day I have some level of back pain ranging from a mild discomfort to being paralysed from the shoulders down and not being able to put socks on. The thought of raising money to help people like myself kept me going through the long winter months of training."

NASS Members Ian Wimpenny and Alex Vlassopulos also took on the London Marathon, after completing a number of challenges for NASS in previous years. We're delighted at their amazing ongoing support!

You've all raised over £3,600 for NASS so far, which will ensure we can answer over 350 calls to our helpline from people in need. Thank you all!




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