Last updated:23rd November 2016


Volunteers make the world of difference to a small organisation such as NASS and play an important role in helping us to achieve our aims and objects. We are grateful to everyone who gives their time and effort:

Trustees: NASS is governed by our Council of Management who are responsible for ensuring the Society is well run and adheres to charity regulations. Click on the link above to read more about our trustees and how to become a NASS trustee.

Medical Advisors: NASS has health professionals who provide medical advice to ensure our advice and guidance is up to date. Find out more about our medical advisors.

Running a NASS branch: All NASS branches are run by volunteers. Find out your nearest NASS branch.

Fundraisers: Fundraisers play a very important role in raising funds to support the work of NASS. Visit our Get Involved page for a range of events and activities that you could take part in.

Event volunteers: Come along and help out at one of our events. From registering participants to cheering them on to the finish line, volunteering at an event is great fun and your support will be greatly appreciated by participants.

Raising Awareness: Manning a stand at patient information days, disease awareness events or running a stall at a local event.





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