Last updated:21st March 2016

Pedal to the Medal 2015

On 21 June 2015, amateur endurance athlete Helgi Olafson embarked on Pedal to the Medal, a 600 mile cycle ride through the heart of England to raise awareness and funds for NASS through group cycling challenges and speaking opportunities along the route.

What is Pedal to the Medal?

Pedal to the Medal was a cycling tour through England to promote AS awareness. The purpose of the ride is to raise funds for NASS who are the only UK charity dedicated to supporting people living with AS. Helgi spoke at various locations along the route about using exercise as treatment.

This gruelling journey included endurance challenges such as the Exmoor Ironman 70.3. We are also encouraged NASS members to get active with Helgi, whether that involved a two minute stroll in the park, a few stretches in the morning or a hydrotherapy session with a NASS branch.

You can read more about Pedal to the Medal and the shorter, more manageable route in Helgi`s blog.

Who is Helgi Olafson?

Helgi Olafson (pictured above) began suffering excruciating pain and inflammation in his lower back at the age of 19 and has since been diagnosed with AS. This has not stopped him becoming a nationally recognised ironman athlete in the US and using his love of sport to share his message of hope with those suffering from long term conditions. You can find out more about Helgi here.

Helgi was recently interviewed by Carrie DeVries from Arthritis-Health.com about how he manages his AS and his fantastic AS awareness project, Pedal to the Medal. You can read the interview here

The Helgi Olafson Foundation 2016 Calendar

The purpose of this calendar is to raise awareness of autoimmune arthritis. All profit from sales will go back to helping people with arthritis, by funding arthritis research, patient financial assistance with treatment and offering better treatment options and better support networks.

The Annual HOF Calendar showcases 12 athletes per year who have a form of autoimmune arthritis but still maintain an active lifestyle and don't let their autoimmune arthritis keep them from achieving their goals and living their dreams. Furthermore, these people have a history of sharing their story and helping inspire others to take control of their lives and achieve their goals and dreams, despite having the major setback of autoimmune arthritis. Some of the proceeds of the calendar will go to NASS so click here to find out more and order your copy.

For more information on the route and how to get involved visit http://helgiolafson.org/europetrip2015/, email helgi@helgiolafson.org or amardeep@nass.co.uk.