Last updated:31st May 2017

Raise awareness of AS in your hospital

Host a Mighty Orange Mashup and raise awareness of AS

This year, we're inviting you to join our Mighty Orange Mashup campaign and raise awareness of AS with a NASS stand in your hospital.

Turn Orange

Throughout the year, NASS supporters and members across the country will join the Mighty Orange Mashup and host coffee-mornings, dress-down days, walks and more to raise money for NASS and awareness of AS.

You can also join in and host a stand, educating and engaging with patients and visitors.

How we will support you

We will provide you with a range of free materials for your stand, including posters and guides to AS, helping to make it as engaging as possible. The pack will include copies of:

• NASS guides for patients
• NASS factsheets on fatigue, uveitis and driving
• Mighty Orange Mashup posters
• Helpline cards for patients
• Donation boxes

We will also help you find local NASS members to help manage the stand, and you can also contact your local NASS group for more support.

Once you have a date for your stand, we'll promote you on our website and social media before, during and afterwards, helping to raise awareness amongst as many people as possible.

Please contact Sally for more information and to order your packs. Thank you for your support!




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