Last updated:27th February 2017

Back to Action Parts 1 and 2

Back to Action is an exercise programme designed for people with AS

It has been created by physiotherapists working with NASS and the exercise therapists and doctors who treat military personnel with AS at Headley Court.

It uses the most up to date knowledge from the fields of physiotherapy and sports medicine.

We have tried to make the programme as clear, straightforward and enjoyable as possible, so that you can use it in a gym or at home as part of your daily routine.

Back to Action Part 1

This programme covers mobility, cardiovascular, strength, flexibility and breathing exercises with additional information on other classes and sport as well as information about AS for trainers.

You can download the guide free of charge in pdf form. If you prefer to have a full colour spiral bound copy of the guide you can still purchase a copy from the NASS shop.

You can download our Back to Action App free from Google Play, Amazon Appstore or the Apple App Store. When you are searching in the App Store, make sure that you search under 'mobile apps'.


  • A recommended warm up
  • Sections on mobility, cardiovascular, strength, flexibility and breathing exercises
  • Written and visual guides on 31 exercises
  • 23 videos spanning all 5 sections
  • Audio clips on all exercises
  • Information on other sports and classes
  • Information for gym personnel
  • An exercise diary outlining a suggested week of exercise

Back to Action Part 2

The guide has once again been developed by physiotherapists Claire Harris and Claire Jeffries who worked on the original book.

It contains 13 free weights exercises and 17 gym ball exercises with full written instruction and colour photographs. 

The book is printed on durable material and is spiral bound, like the the original guide.

Back to Action Part 2 is currently only available to buy from the shop at a cost of £12.