Last updated:4th May 2018

AS Organisations Worldwide

Ankylosing Spondylitis International Federation (ASIF)

ASIF is the international body for AS. It includes AS patient groups from around the world.

The aims of ASIF are:

  • An exchange of information and experiences among the member societies
  • Co operation in international research projects
  • Support of the development of newly formed societies
  • Contact with people with AS in countries where an AS society does not yet exist
  • Working together to raise awareness of AS as a condition and of the needs of people with AS

NASS was involved in the foundation of ASIF when representatives from a number of AS societies met in Bath in 1988 to discuss the merits of an international association. 

ASIF has designated the first Saturday in May each year as World AS Day.

Click here for the current list of ASIF Member Countries.




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