Last updated:13th July 2016

Working with AS

I was diagnosed with AS in 2009 after months of a major flare, which resulted in long periods of immobilisation, I was treated with Humira and although the drug itself comes with high risks, the difference it made to the quality of my life was life changing.

Shortly after taking Humira for the first time I returned to my day job as a senior buyer, responsible for approx. 40% of the business purchases, and although symptoms were present on a daily basis, they were under control and allowed me to continue to work.

As the years have gone by and certainly in the last 3 years I found myself struggling with more frequent flares, to the extent where my work was being affected, which led me to a life changing decision to leave my day job of 20 years to find a new career where I could work around my condition.

Having looked for new roles it because clear my AS was not having a positive affect on my ability to enter into new employment.  I quickly decided to do something I had a major passion for and where I could work around my condition, which turned out to be setting up my own small independent record label, using the money I had saved over the years.

I have since ventured on a mission to find the best new music in the UK, naming the company ‘Kidda Records’ as homage to my hometown Manchester and private joke with my wife where she initially thought the term was a derogatory rather than an affection one of endearance!

I am delighted to report that within the first 2 months of trading I have signed my first band and have contracts with solicitors for 2 others.

The Society https://www.facebook.com/thesocietymanchester/ have recorded their first single and we plan to release end of August and will be available from all digital download and streaming channels such as iTunes, Google-Play & Spotify etc.

For the latest news on the record label please visit www.kiddarecords.com




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