Last updated:22nd March 2016

Sea travel

Before booking your journey or cruise, check with the ferry company, cruise operator or travel agent that they will be able to assist with any requirements you have.

Ferry companies and cruise operators often require disabled people to be accompanied by a non-disabled companion, depending on the nature and extent of the disability. If you are planning to travel alone, you should discuss this with the company first.

Larger UK ports have good facilities; outside the UK it can vary. If possible, check before you book to ensure your requirements will be met. For example, check for wheelchair ramps and accessible toilets.

Car ferries

If you are planning to take your car and you are the driver, some ferry companies as well as Eurotunnel may offer a reduction in price. You may have to be a member of Disabled Motoring UK (previously Mobilise). Contact Disabled Motoring Uk for full information.


Some cruise operators may require you to have medical clearance. Check with the operator or your travel agent at the time of booking, along with any other requirements you may have.

Last reviewed: October 2012