Last updated:20th January 2017

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Finding Travel Insurance

Telling your insurer about your AS

When taking out holiday insurance it's important you disclose pre-existing medical conditions. A company won't necessarily ask you if you have any medical conditions, but if you don't mention it you may find your insurance is invalid or that you have problems when you make a claim.

So tell your insurer that you have ankylosing spondylitis, along with any of the following:

  • any serious condition - cancer, heart trouble, respiratory problems - you have ever had
  • any condition, even a minor one, that you've seen a doctor about in the last year
  • any condition that you're currently awaiting test results for
  • any condition you are waiting for an operation on

What will the insurance company ask you?

They will probably ask you general questions about your medical condition generally in the 'medical screening process.'

They will also want to know if you are currently taking any medication. You are usually asked how many different prescribed medications you are taking so make sure you count them up before you call.

Finding holiday insurance

Which? has a best rate table of travel insurance for people with pre-existing medical conditions which is regularly updated.





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