Last updated:1st August 2017


NASS have a guide to managing your AS at work

If you live in the UK you can order your free copy from NASS by email or call us on 020 8741 1515.

The guides have recently been updated and feature the latest information on your rights at work, simply ways you can manage your AS in the workplace and how your employer can support you.

 Download the Guide to Managing your AS at Work

 Download the Employers Guide

Further sources of support and advice

This link takes you to support and advice on staying in or getting back to work.  The document was produced by a working group of experts in rheumatology and employment issues with funding from the Association of British Pharmaceutical Industry Rheumatology Initiative (ABPI RI). 

Guide to staying fit in the workplace

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy have produced a guide for office workers on stretching exercises you can do at work. It's not specifically aimed at people with AS but it contains lots of useful advice and exercises. 

If your AS is having a significant impact on your daily life you have rights under the Equality Act.

You will be covered by the Equality Act 2010 if you have a physical or mental health condition:

  • the condition has a substantial adverse effect upon you
  • the affect is long-term
  • which affects your ability to carry out their usual daily activities (they do not need to be work related but activities you normally carry out on a regular basis during the day)

If you are covered by the Equality Act it means your employer must make reasonable adjustments to support you at work.  If you are not considered to have a disability according to the Equality Act definition, it is still good practice for your employer to make reasonable attempts to adapt to your needs.






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